Today,the weather was very sunny,blue sky white clouds float over million.When I and my mother and her colleagues took a bus to the smiles overturns the heavens paradise,laughing and talking all the way,imperceptibly to destination.Laugh park is located in Guangzhou Whampoa  District Dan sump scenic area,is a new outdoor sports field,here hill is not high,but the shade of my day,elegant scenery,Reiki million,water gurgling,Gu Li forest,air and pleasant,let a person feel as if into the embrace of nature.Smiles overturns the heavens paradise" is novel and unique experience development movement" as the theme,to challenge the wisdom and courage.In the park I saw breathtaking projects can be more,there are risks" hill ",there is be thrown into a panic" Longtan stagecoach",make the show as the" nets above and snares below",to show courage" Ling shaped bridge",and hang in mid-air" wire cable bridge" ......However,attracted me the most is the" nets above and snares below",its body was full of cobwebs,shaped like a giant bowl,start,I'll jump in net,for a while at school in the net with the" Water Margin" in Shi Qian ' drum flea fly over the walls ' action and way.All of a sudden,a loud voice from my ear through said:"children!It is a game project,come on down,I had to respect.But I'm not willing,and while the commanders do not pay attention to,mix between adults to join the contest.I saw this ranks to go up.And I almost fell in behind,I have not resigned to playing second fiddle to the climbing,is not easy to climb to the upper middle class,then,I have been tired gasping for breath.I want to take a break for a while,but again afraid delay others,only to continue to move forward.I like a monkey,and a steel wire step-by-step climbing destination.Ah!I look back,I was with a man with wisdom and courage,through the breathtaking nets above and snares below.Ah!The outdoor sports is more fun!